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“…he's made a name for himself as both collaborator and solo artist. Adam Ness is here.”

-These Days



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Growing up in Detroit, Adam Ness has always had the innate gift of music. Inspired by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Erykah Badu, Adam is a unique blend of finesse, soul, and power. Adam’s journey with music started in his early childhood.  He recalls as a baby that his mother would sit him next to the record player just to watch how intense his face would become as he soaked in every drum and key.   

As a teenager he joined the famed youth program, ”Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit”, where he began exploring the world of music and stage performance.  He also performed and recorded with popular local gospel ensembles, where he further honed his vocal prowess. 

With notable industry experience under his belt and a growing fanbase, Adam relocated to Chicago to launch his solo career.  He recorded and released his debut EP in 2016, #HighPlaces. The project spread like wild fire in the indie R&B scene, with his single "Blush" ferociously leading the charge. The progressive and eclectic fusion of soul, rock, R&B, funk, and jazz throughout the project firmly placed Adam in the category of master songwriter and he became regarded by followers as the “music bender”.  

Adam is also a force as a live performer, having shared the stage with a cadre of R&B powerhouses. He has opened for artists such as Raphael Sadiiq, Lalah Hathaway, Justine Skye and more. In 2018, he double featured on Noname’s critically acclaimed Room 25 album, appeared with her on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, as well as competed her US tour.  

Adam’s highly anticipated second project, Sagittarius, is a two part series.  Volume 1 was released in March 2019, giving fans the highly successful single, “Have A Good Time”.  The second Volume is set to release in fall of 2019. Truly embodying his aesthetic, musical, and lifestyle, Adam Ness is on a journey to enlighten and make love with the world through beauty and sound.

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Pretty Boy (New Single - 2019)

Sagittarius, Volume 1 (2019)

#HighPlaces (2016)

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  • “Have a Good Time” featured on the hit TV series Queen Sugar

  • Schubas (Headline Performer) - SOLD

    OUT - Chicago

  • Noname - Room 25 Tour (Featured Vocalist) - National

  • House of Blues (Lalah Hathaway Opening Act) - Chicago

  • Sandagas 813 - (Headline Performer) SOLD OUT - Dallas

  • Elizabeth Theatre /Park Bar (Featured Performer) SOLD OUT - Detroit

  • Aisle 5 (Featured Performer) - Atlanta

  • Taste of Chicago (Headline Performer) - Chicago

  • The Shrine (with Justine Skye) - SOLD OUT - Chicago

  • #HighPlaces Rooftop Concert (Headline Performer) - SOLD OUT - Chicago

  • Late Night with Stephen Colbert (Featured Vocalist) - National TV

  • Queer the Pier (Featured Performer) - Chicago

  • WGN Morning News (LINK) - TV

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Lyrical Worth

phone: (708) 543-9886

email: iamadamness@gmail.com


Marketing & Business Development:

Kim Dickens

phone: (312) 622-0728